We promote the integral development of latin american women

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Our Mission
MUJER, is an organization that promotes the integral development of Latin American Women, emphasizing their rights and freedom . MUJER promotes programs, resources, and services that respond to the needs of Latin-American Women and Youth.

- To promote the integral development of all Latin American women including Aboriginal and African descendant women -

- To encourage the representation of Latin American women at all social and political levels within Canadian society -

- To advocate for policies and inclusive structures for the Latin American women within the Canadian Society -

- To support Latin American women who carry out political and leading actions that agreed with our mandate, vision and mission -

- To promote changes to Legislation that is sexist and discriminatory towards women -

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Partnerships & Collaborative Work
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Silvia Méndez

Alejandra Bravo

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Sara Cerna

Stephanie Loor

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Arminda Dumpierrez

Remarkable Volunteers

Sandra Vides Martinez

Nylda Lopez

Angela Quintero

Guillermina Núñez Cabrera

Yanet Medrano Turcios

Stephanie Loor

Silvia Leon

Maria Donado

Jany Vargas

Stephanie Quezada

Adrián Báez

Stephanie Jara

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